Leave it to Jesus

happy day, happy day!

i just found a new comic
that references la vida medicado!!!

live it, love it, laugh it off.

leave it to Jesus right here.


Mental accessories

one of the great things about living
in a consumer society is that no matter
what you might be into, there are accessories
to go with!

poll boxes are not exclusive
to the mentally medicated among us,
of course. all kinds of people take
all kinds of pills for all kinds of reasons.

...but we the medicated have a very special
relationship with our pills.
sometimes it can feel like
"take them or else!"

but if one is medicating,
it can't hurt anything to make it
more memorable, or enjoyable
or even a personal statement of some kind.

as near as i can tell, they come
in a wide range of styles and colours.

even a Betty Page!

if that's too racy, you might
prefer "la royale".


it's not strictly a modern thing, either.

these antiques testify to that.

this one strikes me as kind
of weird... like, why the kid?
is this where the idea of
'mother's little helper' came from?

it seems that pharmaceuticals
were a going concern during
the days of Art Nouveau.

this one is from Austria,
near the end of the 19th century.

this one's my personal favourite-
it's silver with a nephrite stone.
alas, it was sold at auction long
before i saw these pictures.

one never knows what might help.

whatever gets you thru the night,
or the day, as the case may be...


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