How depressed? for how long?

I knew that the manic was way less than the depression,
but I never thought of it in quite this way...


Mental Health in Kashmir

In another recent study it was estimated that 86% of the total costs of bi-polar disorder (£2 billion in total) were attributable to lost productivity.  In the United States costs of lost productivity attributable to mental illness were estimated to be $76 billion in 1990. Those with mental health disorders may drift into poverty and are at greater risk of becoming homeless....

...Kashmir lost calm long back. One of the nightmares we are living with is that our children are at increased risk of developing a substance related problems. When there was Opioids boom in whole subcontinent we were aloof as society except for few aberrations in tourist related areas and socially accepted charas takias. We had beliefs and values which would guard us against Opioids epidemic...

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World Mental Health Day in Kashmir here.


Depression demotivators


the misuse of mental health terms

OCD, bipolar, schizophrenic
& the misuse of mental health terms

A 2007 study of the terms "schizophrenia" and "schizophrenic" in the UK national press found that 11%
of references were metaphorical, with broadsheet papers more likely to deploy such phrasing than tabloids.
By contrast, cancer was only used in this manner in 0.02% of cases.

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Words to live by...

"Before you diagnose yourself
with depression or low self esteem,
first make sure that you are not,
in fact, just surrounded
by assholes."

        ~William Gibson


speaking of Lobotomies...

Mentally Handicapped Danes
Lobotomized Until 1983

Between 1947 and 1983, around 4,500 patients -- some as young as six years old -- underwent the operation.

Mentally handicapped patients were routinely lobotomized by their doctors in Denmark between 1947 and 1983.

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