Check Your Meds - May 2012

a new round of adventures, perspectives
and bad attitudes from yours truly...
* warning - includes Ritalin, caffeine, god,
   discipline and other trace elements.*



  1. I never connected my noise issues to be connected with my bipolar disorder. I can't stand loud noises, especially when they're sudden, and little tiny noises bug the hell out of me. The most annoying: when the TV is on but the DVD player is off there is this high-pitched noise that I can't stand. I can't really describe it, but I can tell you the second it starts and it drives me batty.

    1. i know what you mean! i hear those hi-frequencies too sometimes, like a tiny little dentist drill in my head...

      i started connecting the noise issues to my bp when i'd mention how a sound was bugging me to my 'normal' friends and they'd say "what sound?"...

      so when this thread came up, it confirmed it for me..