Crazy for God

some people are born crazy.
some people have craziness thrust upon them.

and some people choose to be crazy...

being "born again" is like volunteer crazy.
i should know. been there. done that.

it's probably why i find these paintings so strangely
compelling.whatever you might think of their aesthetic
qualities, there is no denying their relentless sincerity.

but is it art?

sorry, but i don't think so.

i don't think so because there is no room in them for me.
they are a fait accompli.

they don't even need me. they are their own beginning
and their own end. closed systems.

and art, for me, is as much about questions as it is about
answers. in these paintings, there is no room for me
because there is no room for doubt.

which may be why this style of art is not only popular
among fundamentalist Christians - it's also popular
with Nazis, Joe Stalin, Mao, beloved North Korean leaders
and other connoisseurs of the efficiencies
of the fascist path..

maybe that's why these paintings - drawn from all these
histories, these different countries and decades - look
so much the same.

the sun is always rising, and the people are always gazing
into the dawn's early light of what sure looks like a better

no wonder these people are always smiling .
they're high on hope. they're totally faced on faith.
they don't have a doubt in their heads.

which is another reason why these paintings aren't
for me. not only is there no room for doubt...
they are downright instructional.

it's pretty creepy. if you ask me.

never mind the "right, two of every animal
on the planet fits in a boat that size
" factor.

...which doesn't matter in the slightest.

for all their so-called "realism", images like these
are not concerned with reality. they are fantasies.

they are fascist fantasies - fantasies of compliance.
fantasies of control. fantasies of a simple universe
that even comes with a book of answers...

a simple world. a better world. a world free from want.
a world free from thought.

like i said... creepy.

here, a Nazi soldier comes home to his family...

and here, an American soldier comes home, a la Rockwell...

when the war was over, there were some who found
all this relentless sincerity hard to swallow, and a process
of subversion began which continues to the present day.

thank god.

see more images like these....

what is "socialist realism"?


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