Bipolar humour

If you're bipolar and you're taking medication,
this will probably make you smile. It may also
invoke a moment of "been there, done that".

Being bipolar means i am, relative to most people,
living in an altered state. When one takes medication,
one is also living in an altered state- albeit one that 
allows one to function more better, more often.

That's the theory anyway, and for many of us, 
it holds true more often than not.

But from time to time, one can't help but wonder 
"Who am I really?". Who am I when I'm not on drugs?
Does the world still affect me the same way it used to
before the medication? What am I really feeling?

Compliance, for me, is a matter of percentages.
The longer I live with this diagnosis and the longer
I take medication, the more I become aware of how
it's affecting me. There's also a resentment factor that
creeps in along the way... something along the lines
of "fuck this- other people don't have to take drugs
every day just to be who they (sort of) are. Other
people don't have to spend $200 every month just
to be a human being.

Childish, I guess... but nonetheless real (sic).


Bipolar Humour 2
(or should that be Bipolar 2 Humour?)

I'm at my shrinks' for my regular appointment
to get my meds renewed and we're running the
checklist of usual questions.
He gets to the one about suicide:

"Any thoughts recently about self-destruction?"

"No more than usual".

There's a pause. We both smile
and move on to the next question.

Another example..

and the beat goes on.


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