Bipolar Living - 10 Great Links


One of the first things I knew after I was diagnosed
was how much I wanted to learn more. It was kind
of comforting to have a name, a handle, some sort of
external validation for the difference between my
experience of life and those of most of the people
around me, but what the hell did it mean?

How was I different? What could- or even should - I do
about it? What were the implications for me, now and
in the years to come?

It soon came clear to me that everyone's experience
of bipolar living is different - symptoms and histories
as unique as fingerprints... but there are also commonalities.

The more one learns, the more one is able to
define one's own condition and to respond
accordingly. These links can open doors to
all kinds of perspectives and useful facts.

Black Dog Institute - a great place to start

Bipolar - the basics

Bipolar Home - a wide range of useful topics

Bipolar disorder - it's serious

Bipolar - factsheets on many aspects of bipolar living

Bipolar - Symptoms, Causes, Care

The Bipolar Advantage


The Bipolar Experience - a collection of different perspectives

A Guide to Bipolar Websites


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