Depression...what a trip!

... if there's one thing that bipolar people
know way more about than unpolar people,
it's depression. The big D. The black dog...

     ...that day you run out of reasons
to get out of bed, so you don't.

...the times when even giving half a damn
about anything seems like a damn site
more trouble than it's worth.

...the nights when your skull's an echo chamber,
old tapes and voices saying Amen! every time
you come back to just what a worthless waste
of skin you actually are...

On the bright side, it turns out that having a well-developed sense of humour is so
common among the bipolar that it's virtually a diagnostic indicator. How cool is that? are a few of the signs I've noticed lately, walking down that bright side of the street...

i want a set of these so bad i'm ready to run out and buy play-doh!

 ... so the next time you're mud-wrestling
with your own personal demons,
remember- you're not alone.

... and when that doesn't help,
just remember the Singing Shark!

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