a Meme for the Mental!

finally, a meme for the rest of us!

it's name is
Mental Illness Mouse.

kind if a cute little fella, and i'm not into cute...
in fact i think i'm allergic.
but given the stigmas
and stereotypes surrounding mental illness,
it could have been a whole lot worse, right?

nuff said.

like all these kind of things, some are amazing
and some are not- here's some that struck me,
in that "the person who did this one knows..."
kind of a way.

is it just me, or is this format unusually well suited
to conveying the j'en sais quois of la vida medicado?

anyway, in the true spirit of internetiness,
i thought i should not simply use images
created by others to share the news about
poppa's brand new meme-
i should get all 2.0* and try to make some myself**.
so i did...

you can see many many more of these
and even make some yourself just by clicking
your mouse pointer on this convenient link:

Mental Illness Mouse

* is it just me, or does "2.0" sound terribly retro already?
** so someone can now copy mine and use them on their blog...


1 comment:

  1. Oh, this. Thank you so much for this, it really gave me a laugh, and I recognized myself in more than I'd dare to admit. It's uncanny, really.