Fun with Pharmaceuticals!

As everybody knows, pharmaceuticals are big fun and big money. Like so many modern mental cases living la vida medicado, i've developed a modest level
literacy when it comes to prescription drugs, side effects, going off-label and Big Pharma, but even
i was surprised to learn that...

#14__There were more than two dozen pharmaceutical
   companies that made over a billion dollars in profits
   in 2008.

#16__Nearly half of all Americans now use prescription drugs
on a regular basis according to a CDC report that was just released.
According to the report, approximately one-third of all Americans
use two or more pharmaceutical drugs, and more than ten
of all Americans use five or more prescription drugs
on a regular basis.

#17__According to the CDC, approximately three quarters
of a million people a year are rushed to emergency rooms
in the United States because of adverse reactions
to pharmaceutical drugs.

#18__The Food and Drug Administration reported
1,742 prescription drug recalls in 2009, which was
a gigantic increase from 426 drug recalls in 2008.

For 21 more fun facts
that prove the entire US health care industry has become one giant money making scam, click this:


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