What's it like to be bipolar?

now there's a loaded question.

dark novella      dugg simpson    Aug2012

the first answer that comes to my mind
    is "you know, it's pretty interesting".


i love to read. i love to write.

and it long ago became clear to me that much
of what i was writing was just me trying to explain
myself to myself...

... a kind of sit-down with the seemingly random bits of information
i'm immersed in every day with what i've already learned, the truths i hold to be self-evident and the emotions it all stirs up in my heart and see what - if any - connections there might be.

someone's go to do the math      dugg simpson    Oct2012

on a good day, it makes me laugh.

on a good day it's like surfing, down a beautiful river
on a summer afternoon, the water glittering with music
and a breeze in the leaves humming harmonies
in every shade of green.

on a good day, no one is more surprised
than i am by what comes out.

on a good day, i learn something.

i want candy      dugg simpson    Oct2012

but, as anyone living on a bipolar planet knows,
not all days are good days.

talk to the pig      dugg simpson    Sept2012

some days, words just make me weary.
some days, there's so many in my head that my life feels
like a bad cocktail party, where too many desperate Rigbys and nerd-boy Prufrocks are talking too loud in a room already buzzing beneath flourescent lights and muzak so toxic i wish i was deaf.

some days, the thought of even one more word
just makes me sick...

from here to modernity      dugg simpson    Oct2012

that's when i want be around pictures.

to immerse myself in a big cool pool of shapes and textures and colours. don't think, just do. let my intuition off the great leash of 'meaning' for a run in the woods.
it's like my own personal mute button i guess.

buy the ticket, take the ride      dugg simpson    Nov2012

and on a good day, no one is more surprised
than i am by what comes out.

on a good day, i learn something too.

electric violin      dugg simpson    Dec2012


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