Is It A Bad Attitude? Bipolar? ...or both...?

does everyone who is bipolar
have a "bad attitude"

or is it just me, and everyone i know
who's been diagnosed?

hard to say...

the times in which we live

are such that if one doesn't have a bad attitude

it may well mean you ar....

a) illiterate

b) not paying attention

c) straight up stupid

d) over-medicating

it's an interesting time to have "a mental illness"

implicit in the diagnoses
is the the idea that one exists outside the "sane"..
the normal.

which is - allegedly - to be preferred.

i'm not sure that if i wasn't bipolar
i would still have "issues" with the pervasive
bullshit that the "private sector" and my government
tell me everyday.

but of course, it's one of the things
i can never really know.


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