Marketing Pharmaceuticals

i find the advertisements for pharmaceuticals fascinating. The images speak to how the end users for these products are perceived, at least by the manufacturers of the drugs. The texts are a whole other story...

 Dramatic benefits in
heavily narcotized patients.

The suspiciousness and hostility inherent
in paranoid schizophrenia can cause many
patients to avoid taking medication.

"quiets down" the queasy spastic colon

When tension disrupts treatment,
elixir Alurate disrupts tension.

Medicines and drugs in Mr. Jones
new world are a giant industry-
a billion dollar industry...

kind of a classic. i guess.


i get a kind of nausea side effect
from seeing Vincent used like this.

is it an Angelina thing,
or is it an Angelina knock-off thing?

i mean seriously WTF?


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