Back to normal?

Walking home from the dog park yesterday,
i found myself wondering what it would be
like to be 'normal', as opposed to say... bipolar.

Not forever or anything- but for like a day,
maybe, or even an hour or two.

What would it be like? Would i be calm?
Would i stop noticing/being distracted by birds
and signs and gum wrappers and everything else
that competes for attention in my day to day?

Would i be more like the others?

What would i do with the money that i didn't
have to spend on medication? Might i be more
sure of myself in conversation, less concerned
that i was sounding like a mental case?

Maybe i'd get all claustrophobic... more aware
of the borders of my perceptions, feeling like
there was something wrong with my ears
because i wasn't hearing all the sounds that
i'm accustomed to or with my eyes,
because i was walking right past flowers and signs
and gum wrappers and most everything else.

Maybe being normal would drive me nuts...

But maybe not. Maybe it would be 'better',
but i think it would just be a different kind
of crazy.


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