if life gives you Lemons

another flight of fictional fancy,
this time about a woman working
with her obsessive-compulsive disorder
to build a better life!

When she thought about it, which was rare, Jennifer knew temping sucked. The hours were bad and the pay was no incentive to excellence. The supervisors talked to her like she'd flunked Special Ed and the staff acted like demi-employment was contagious.

One day, ruminating on a sad tuna sal in the park, she had
a thought. It didn't matter what
she did. She'd never thought it did in the grand existentialist scheme of things, but now she saw it was just as true of her day to day.

Once tasked by her supervisor du jour, it really didn't matter if she did it "right"... she just had to look busy. In the unlikely event that anyone ever noticed, she'd be long gone.

Suddenly, some of those sucking things about temp life seemed to her like creative opportunities.
Her filing became very adventurous, informed by the I Ching and what she called 'practicing chance': never put two documents in the same folder; shred every tenth document and so on. Data entry was her opportunity to explore Chomsky, and as
a receptionist, she was often described as "fun" and "flirty".

No one knew much about Jennifer, like her obsessive compulsive relationship with computers. In fact, she was
a total dataholic and everywhere she temped, she took home terabytes of
what would later be called "sensitive information"... but by then, Jen was long gone and living largely in the Caymans.


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