10 things you never knew about Lithium

If you're bipolar, lithium is a fact of life.

Chances are you're already on it, or you're on something
else that's trying to do for you what lithium does for others.
But how much do you really know about this
curious substance that you're ingesting every day?

1) Lithium is a metal, in fact, it is the lightest metal
and has just three electrons. 
Lithium’s so light that
it actually floats in water.

2) Lithium is so soft, you can cut it with a knife.

3) The soft drink 7 Up was also a patent medicine,
originally named "Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda"
and contained lithium citrate until 1950.

4) The word lithium comes from the Greek word for stone, “lithos”. A freshly cut chunk of lithium is silvery, but tarnishes in a minute
or so in air to give a grey surface.

5) Lithium is actually a form of salt that the body
produces naturally. Lithium is also made via nuclear
fusion in the interiors of stars.

6) There is a town in Missouri named Lithium.


7) Lithium is found in seawater and is more concentrated
near thermal vents, but the majority of the world’s
lithium is mined in South America. 

8) Lithium is one of the three elements
synthesized in the Big Bang. 

9) Lithium is used for batteries because it is an excellent
conductor of electricity. Light weight and very reactive,
a battery made of lithium-ion can be smaller and hold
more charge.These charge-to-weight and power-to-weight
ratios make lithium the battery material of choice.

10) Common side effects that come from taking lithium
include tremors, nausea and upset stomach, loss of
appetite, dried and thinning hair, and an itchy sensation.
The more serious side effects include hallucinations, lack
of coordination, extreme thirst or weakness, feelings
of confusion or restlessness, seizures, severely slowed
heart rate, and fainting.

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