Sad people want happy pills

an interesting report on the uptick
in prescription medication in the UK...

Happy pill boom as GPs hand out
record 47m prescriptions...
a rise of 9% in a year

trouble in mind - dugg simpson 10/12

Record numbers of adults are relying on Prozac and other so-called happy pills, according to NHS figures.

Almost 50 million prescriptions were handed out by doctors
last year – a rise of nine per cent compared with the previous 12 months.

Experts said increasing numbers of patients are turning
to GPs for help as depression loses its stigma.

At the same time, doctors are more inclined to give people
a proper diagnosis and prescribe medication, rather than
simply sending them away.

The figures, from the NHS Information Centre, show the
health service spent £270million handing out such drugs
in 2011, a rise of more than a fifth compared with 2010.

Last year, just under 47million prescriptions were
handed out, a nine per cent increase compared with
the previous year.

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