A Mental Medicine Show

One of the ways that drug companies can educate
physicians about new drugs - or new uses for old drugs -
is by advertising.

These ads are part of the history of mental illness,
but those of us who (a) are mentally ill and (b) do not
make a habit of perusing medical journals
may have
missed this part of our history.

Thank goodness for places like Dr. Bonkers,
where we can look and learn!

These people seem strangely familiar...

Codeine, chloroform and cannabis with wild cherry?
Heck, i'll try a gallon!

Ritalin - finally a drug the whole family needs.

Just because because you're right doesn't
mean you're not crazy,
or don't need more drugs!

Thorazine for hiccups - i wouldn't have thought of that...

But if he was "happy", would Vince even
have been a painter?
Or would he just have painted big eyed kittens
and unicorns?
Would billionaires be buying his paintings today?

tons more fascinating ads, thoughtfully sorted, can be found at...

Dr. Bonkers presents
The Nearly Genuine and Truly Marvelous Psychoneuropharmacological Mental Medicine Show


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