Having Fun for No Money!

I'm not nearly as 2.0 as I should be...
but I am a sucker for generators.
Generators are these web gizmos that let you
add your own words to make a thing- like a street
sign, or a church sign or what have you...

The latest one
I've come across lets you type
in a word which it then sloganizes for you -ie - fits
your word into an old advertising slogan.

First, I tried the word 'bipolar', because it's one
of those words that only seems to get used
in such a serious way all the the time.

Here's what this generator
came up with...

Next, I tried the word 'stupid' because that's
what today feels like, and the generator
responded with...

...so if you're having a stupid day,
or any other kind of day, or are stuck
on hold, you might want to head over
to ...


What the hell...it made me giggle...



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