Suicide Donuts...

"Some say that brain disorders are not real diseases,
but a crutch. Some say it’s solely an environmental, food or stress-related reaction. Sometimes these things can trigger a relapse, as with any chronic illness; but the source is brain chemistry, and it requires medical treatment. Others say it does not exist. The “all in your head” approach. Why would I make it up? So that I could enjoy criticism, lack of employment and loss?

Right, I’m making up something so that I can endure years
of pain and suffering and later be slammed for being honest? I’m making it up so that I can deal with extensive periods of medication trials and errors, numerous side effects and go in debt because of medical bills?

Right, it would make sense that I would make this up. Ridiculous."

... a simple, clear, powerful description
of bipolar living - one of the best i've read.

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