Save Me from True Believers

one of the ten million things i don't understand
about the universe is why religious fundamentalism
isn't called a mental illness.

people get diagnosed for
manifesting a lot less.

there are people walking among us
who really think the creative force
behind the universe has them
on speed dial.

they believe he/she/it talks to them
and weirder yet, listens to them.

i'm all in favour of a positive self-image - i wish i had one - but doesn't this level of self esteem concern you a little? 
it gives me the bigtime willies.

funadentalists are dangerous. verily i say unto you
that if these people hear the wrong thing
in their head one night, they will kill
you and every one you know
in your sleep.

yea and they will do it with a song
in their heart, thrilled to be serving 'god'.

they'll believe they are "doing the right thing"
more than you ever believed anything
in your life.

they're not only doing the right thing,
they are earning mad heavenly air miles.

while you bleed out, 'god' is packing them
a special goody bag for the hereafter,
and bumping them up to
the business class eternal.

how do they know?

'god' told them.

if this isn't delusional,
what is?

i'd sleep better knowing these people
had been professionally diagnosed
and were adequately medicated...

and were forbidden to own
high-powered weapons.


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