Take this simple test

patients entering Cane Hill Hospital
were required to respond to these questions...



Please fill in this form by putting a circle round the "True" or the "False" after each of the statements below. If you find it difficult to decide, ask yourself whether you think the statement is on the whole true or false and put a circle round the appropriate word.

Remember to answer each statement.

   1. Most people make friends because friends
       are likely to be useful to them.

   2. I do not blame a person for taking advantage
       of someone who lays himself open to it.

   3. I usually expect to succeed in things I do.

   4. I have no enemies who really wish to harm me.

   5. I wish I could get over worrying about things I have
       said that may have injured other people's feelings.

   6. I think nearly anyone would tell a lie to keep out
       of trouble.

   7. I don't blame anyone for trying to grab everything
       they can get in this world.

   8. My hardest battles are with myself.

   9. I know who, apart from myself, is responsible
       for most of my troubles.

  10. Some people are so bossy that I feel like doing
        the opposite of what they request, even though
        I know they are right.

  11. Some of my family have habits that bother
        and annoy me very much.

  12. I believe my sins are unpardonable.

  13. I have very few quarrels with members
        of my family.

  14. 1 have often lost out on things because I couldn't
        make up my mind soon enough.

  15. I can easily make other people afraid of me,
        and sometimes do for the fun of it.

  16. I believe I am a condemned person.

  17. In school I was sometimes sent to the principal
        for misbehaving.

  18. I have at times stood in the way of people who
        were trying to do something, not because it
        amounted to much but because of the principle
        of the thing.

  19. Most people are honest chiefly through fear
        of being caught.

  20. Sometimes I enjoy hurting persons I love.

  21. I have not lived the right kind of life.

  22. Sometimes I feel as if I must injure either myself
        or someone else.

  23. I seem to be about as capable and clever
        as most others around me.

  24. I sometimes tease animals.

  25. I get angry sometimes.

  26. I am entirely self-confident.

  27. Often I can't understand why I have been so cross
        and grouchy.

  28. I shrink from facing a crisis or difficulty.

  29. I think most people would lie to get ahead.

  30. I have sometimes felt that difficulties were piling
        up so high that I could not overcome them.

  31. If people had not had it in for me I would have
        been much more successful.

  32. I have often found people jealous of my
        good ideas, just because they had not thought
        of them first.

  33. Much of the time I feel as if I have done something
        wrong or evil.

  34. I have several times given up doing a thing
        because I thought too little of my ability.

  35. Someone has it in for me.

  36. When someone does me a wrong I feel I should
        pay him back if I can, just for the principle of
        the thing.

  37. I am sure I get a raw deal from life.

  38. I believe I am being followed.

  39. At times I have a strong urge to do something
        harmful or shocking.

  40. I am easily downed in an argument.

  41. It is safer to trust nobody.

  42. I easily become impatient with people.

  43. At times I think I am no good at all.

  44. I commonly wonder what hidden reason another
        person may have for doing something nice for me.

  45. I get angry easily and then get over it soon.

  46. At times I feel like smashing things.

  47. I believe I am being plotted against.

  48. I certainly feel useless at times.

  49. At times I feel like picking a fist fight
        with someone.

  50. Someone has been trying to rob me.

  51. I am certainly lacking in self-confidence.

Please check to see that you have given answers
for every statement.

years away, i get a strange feeling reading these statements.

now, they can read like a final screening
for admission to an MBA program, or
something one might ask a potential new
room mate, or add to a pre-nup with
a fiance.

they are plain-spoken, intimate and cold.
true or false. save the qualifiers and the back story for group, or maybe craft time.

i haven't done it yet.
who would i hand it in to?


this is from just one page from one part of an amazing site created by Simon Cornwell. it is amazing for the depth and complexity of it's story about a derelict, ex-lunatic asylum in England.

rather than gush effusively,
here's the link.

thanks me later. thank Simon first.


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