Mania Mania!!!

there's no doubt about it - there is a stigma that comes with a diagnosis of BP in any of its many splendoured ways. but i think there is also a degree of envy in some people.

i'd go so far as to say are a lot of bipolar wannabees out there, which might be funny if it wasn't so sad and stupid, and predictable.

is it ironic that so many cultures, including the one i live in, have what one could call a schizophrenic relationship with the whole idea of madness and with the day to day of it and (naturally) with the diagnosed themselves.

case in point - the Mania Mania

it seems to be almost intrinsic to fishing...

and i guess if you're already god-happy,
mania is not such a big step.

and i always had my suspicions about drum majorettes
which i think may have had something to do with my own psycho-girlfriend issues.

... and you knew something like this
was inevitable, didn't you....


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