Poppa's Got a Brand New Meme

well, it's new to me, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been around for years. decades, maybe.

my first thought was "well, at least it's not a goddamn polar bear". since i was a kid, i've always thought there was something wonderful strange about these owls.

their faces are singular, and striking, alien in a way in a way that rewards the respect of really looking at something, something not like you but clearly intelligent, and beautiful at rest or in motion.

i read all the ones i found, and to my eyes many have been created by people whose understanding of la vida medicado doesn't just come from books. 

is it a good thing for the bipolar "brand"?

think you might want to make one or ten yourself?

you can interact here.

this is my contribution...


well, new to me is more like it.

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