You Know You're Bipolar When...

This thread came up recently in an online group i'm part of, and i was so struck by the candor and humour in the responses that i thought it worth a wider sharing...

You Know You're Bipolar When...

- on your way to cancelling the recently paid off credit card, it becomes mysteriously maxed out.

- You go to the shop for a pint of milk and come home
with a new car.

- You bring your own research to the doctor’s.

- ... when you know more about a medication than
the pharmacist dispensing it to you.

- You spend as much in co-pays as some people do on cable.

- when you try to keep track of your moods and stress levels in preparation for your pdoc's visit only to not remember the day of the visit.

- When you sit with a group of people at an event
and you say something you do that seems perfectly OK and they look at you in a strange way.

- wen u clean maniacally throughout the night or decide to make a cake early hours of the morning

- Feeling on top of the world usually ends in a hospital admission

- When you are feeling great. Feeling fine. Feeling on top of the world. As someone in uniform is asking you to please put on the straight-jacket for the ride to the hospital.

- ... you are in a good mood and you worry you're getting high.

- You're taking eight pills every night and four in the morning.

- There is never enough room on the form at a doctors office when they are asking what medication you are taking.

- wen ur life consists of appointments with different mental health professionals

- When boys say that you're attractive because you're mysterious and you just laugh because they have nooooooo idea.

- when you get so depressed you can't write anymore,
but can write beautiful elegies when manic.

- When your teenage kids tell you the music is way too loud.


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